About the Central Chemical Laboratory

The Central Chemical Laboratory of "BalBok Engineering" AD is located within the Center for development of ecological infrastructure in Stara Zagora. This is the first specialized laboratory for characterization and testing of waste with unknown composition and origin, as well as waste from households, industry and agriculture.

The laboratory is established and equipped as a result of realized project "Eco-innovative system for management of waste with unknown composition and origin in Bulgaria".

The main activity in the Central Chemical Laboratory is conducting chemical analyzes of classic and modern high-tech methods - chromatography, optical-emission and spectra, and the whole process of sampling and sample preparation.

The high technological equipment of the laboratory gives very good opportunities to carry out research work to develop new technologies for treatment of hazardous waste.

The Central chemical laboratory consists of three sectors:
sample preparation and physico-chemical research;
analytical work;
Instrumental analysis.

When selecting the equipment and furnishings, the specifics of the work and the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice were taken into account. The floors of all rooms are made of chemically resistant surfaces, allowing to achieve excellent hygiene. There is a regular monitoring of temperature and humidity in the laboratory.

The laboratory chemicals, consumables and reference materials are provided by leading manufacturers, accompanied by the necessary certificates.

The laboratory works in the following analytical areas:

Study of waste from production and consumption – toxic substances, biologically active substances, microelements;

Study of soils, sediments and pesticides - sample preparation, analysis of physical and physical-chemical indicators, composition and quality of soil, sludge, sediment, etc.;

Study of water - potable, surface, from freshwater and marine, from swimming pools, ice;

Study of plant foods for pesticides.

The Central Chemical Laboratory has a rich base of standardized methods - BS, EN, ISO, prEN, ENV, ASTM, DIN, GOST and others. All tests in the laboratory are made on the basis of existing legislation on technical requirements and test methods.

The team of specialists at CCL is carefully selected and has the necessary knowledge and experience to achieve excellent results in the laboratory practice.

From our services can benefit:

generators and holders of waste;
environmental organizations;
regional associations of municipalities;
agricultural enterprises;
companies engaged in gardening, landscaping;
manufacturers of fertilizers and improvers;


Laboratory equipment by sector:

Sample preparation and physico-chemical studies

The Physico-chemical laboratory is equipped with:

System for microwave digestion of samples, Water baths and thermostats with rocking and homogenizing devices, heating plates and flask warmers, Homogenizers, Magnetic stirrers with heating, Sieve system, Ultrasonic bath, Dryer, Muffle furnace, Water distillers, Water deionizers, Precision and analytical balances, Hygrometers scales, Soxhlet apparatus, Kjeldahl apparatus, Autoclaves and others.

Analytical work

The Analytical laboratory is equipped with:

Rotary evaporator, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, pH meters, Centrifuges, Vortex, Laboratory glass apparatus, Distillation and Extraction systems, Filter systems, Automatic pipettes, Automatic burettes, Viscometer, Grinder, Automatic titrator, Device for determining the biochemical oxygen demand , Batcher fixed and variable volume, Refractometer, Dosimeter and others.

Instrumental analysis

The Instrumental laboratory is equipped with:

GC\MSD\FID for identification of unknown compounds and pesticides analyzer, ICP-OES, Liquid chromatograph, Ion chromatograph, Calorimeter, Electronic microscope.