About the Mobile chemical laboratory

The mobile chemical laboratory of "BalBok Engineering" AD is designed and equipped for rapid and reliable characterization and testing on the spot of waste with unknown composition and origin, as well as waste from households, industry and agriculture.

The laboratory is established and equipped as a result of realized project "Eco-innovative system for management of waste with unknown composition and origin in Bulgaria" and is part of the Central chemical laboratory of BalBok in Stara Zagora.

The main activities in the mobile chemical laboratory are limited to sampling, preservation, transportation and carrying of express chemical and physicochemical analysis of the composition and properties of different types of waste, natural and wastewater. Examination of the content of toxic substances and identification of unknown compounds in different matrices.

Sampling and analyzing is done in real time on-site, thus eliminating the possibility of changing the relevant parameters during the time required for transportation and the storage conditions.

The mobile high-tech equipment is placed in a specially adapted vehicle, whose area is divided into two sectors, securing the necessary space for the work of experts with the chemical analytical equipment.

The vehicle has an autonomous power supply - electric generator, which is located in an isolated room.

The used field analysis methods are: titrimetric, visual colorimetric, photo-colorimetric, conductivity, potentiometric, spectrometric, organoleptic and others.

They are provided by modern reliable analytical technique: FT - IR chemical identifier supplied with libraries with ATR - FTIR spectra for identification of 18,513 compounds, portable pH meter, conductivity meter, dosimeter, set of field tests for content of targeted compounds, thermometer with probe, suitable glassware and more.

The laboratory is equipped with a set of certified appliances for sampling of liquids, soil and solid bulk materials.

The workspaces are self-closing and provided with protection from interference, grounding, insulation, air conditioning and ventilation. They are equipped with sinks and worktops. Water purification system is installed for laboratory use and water tanks are available. The equipment is fitted securely and reliably.