About BalBok

BalBok Engineering AD

BalBok Engineering is a leading Bulgarian company with over 25 years of history in the management of waste (incl. radioactive and hazardous) and development of technologies for their treatment. The company's activities include both the waste treatment as well as research and project management in the field of environmental protection. An important part of our work is consultancy - development of plans and programs, various studies that apply significant practical and scientific experience that we have.

BalBok owns and operates two sites for waste treatment and together with its network of European partners ensure compliance with the modern principles of environmental protection.

We work with production and trading companies, municipal and district administrations across the country with our transportation vehicles. We have a specialized team that prepares waste for transportation on site - such as repackaging and remediation of contaminated sites and warehouses, draining and cleaning of tanks with chemicals, and others, when necessary.


BalBok Engineering is an established company in the field of hazardous waste management and has an extensive experience in innovation. The company was awarded the "Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2014" in the area "Green Innovation" at the Tenth Innovation Forum, held in December 2014 in Sofia.